Our Mission Statement
The actors, writers, directors and designers of White Buffalo Theatre Company are dedicated to generating a theatre experience that inspires conversation, provokes thought, and helps reunite our community.  Our mission is to develop new stories for a modern audience, to bring fresh perspective to established plays, and to provide an artistic haven where creative voices of all ethnicities and persuasions can be heard, and where creative spirits can explore and thrive.


Artistic Director-Kerrie Keane has performed on stage and in film and television for over 30 years, and still actively pursues her acting career while passionately devoting her time and energy to this young and vigorous company. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in American and Russian History at McMaster University in Canada, and studied acting and directing with master teachers in both Canada and the United States.  In 2001, she began developing an advanced acting class based on her own experiences in an ever-changing industry. Her class attracted working actors looking for a place to stretch their muscles and keep their spirits alive. Casting actors from this class, she directed a production of Alan Bowne’s controversial play, “Beirut’, which opened July 6, 2001 in Hollywood, and won outstanding reviews, including Critic's Pick in Back Stage West.  


Founding White Buffalo in 2004, she wrote and directed it’s first two productions, “Fool Am I” and “The Red and White Store”, and has produced and directed it's subsequent productions “Trout Stanley”, “Chances”“Nostalgia and Dreams”, and "Looking For Trouble".

Please visit IMDB for an extensive list of Ms. Keane’s film and television credits.

 Krista Lewis Co-Producer Krista Lewis was born and raised in Southern California. She first pursued a career in dance, and started acting at the suggestion of a dance teacher. Work began at Universal Studios and Magic Mountain where she expanded into stunt coordination: Batman Live Action Show(Poison Ivy), which then led to stunts in movies and film.  A member of White Buffalo Theatre Company since 2005, she has performed in the productions of “The Red And White Store", “Trout Stanley”, in her favorite role to date as Grace Ducharme (honorable mention for best performance, Backstage West 2008) and “Chances”. Some of her TVcredits include House, CSI Miami, ER, Monk and NCIS.  

 Please visit IMDB for a full list of her credits.


Marguerite Moreau Co-Producer Marguerite has been acting on the stage, and in film and television since she was 12 years old.  A first role on The Wonder Years was quickly followed by a leading role in the The Mighty Ducks trilogy.  Since then she has been involved in numerous different projects-some favorites include Queen of the Damned, Wet Hot American Summer, Mad Men, Lost, Parenthood, and Sundance favorites Easy and Douchebag, among others.  Performances with The White Buffalo Theatre Company include The Red and White Store,Chances, and Nostalgia and Dreams.  Currently, Marguerite is starring in the hit SHOWTIME series,Shameless, now in its second season.  In it, Moreau plays "Linda", a married muslim fundamentalist who runs her mini mart like she runs her household-with an iron fist.  Marguerite has a BA in political science from Vassar College.

Please visit IMDB for a full list of her credits.

Jessica Wright  Co-Producer Jessica Wright is a founding member of White Buffalo.  She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Arts from University of California, Santa Cruz and has been actively studying and pursuing her acting career for the past ten years.  Her White Buffalo credits include: Trout Stanley (honorable mention for best performance, Backstage West 2008), Fool Am I, The Red and White StoreChances,Nostalgia and Dreams and Looking For Trouble (nominated best comedy ensemble, LaWeekly, 2011.)  Recent television credits include The Middle, Lie to Me, Bones, My Boys and Without a Trace.

Please visit IMDB for a full list of her credits.

Associate Members

Simone Cook

Brett Holland

Danny Junod

Ben Kurland

Angelina Leaf

Jacob Saylor

Carlo Serna

Steve Rifkin

Aaron Lam

Christopher Redman



About Us

Established in 2004 , White Buffalo set out to tell stories that were relevant to the lives of a modern audience. With that in mind, Kerrie Keane presented the actors with characters and themes to inspire improvisations.  From these improvisations she wrote and directed the inaugural production, Fool Am I , which ran for 6 weeks at Deaf West Theatre in North Hollywood in the spring of 2005, and was well received by audience and critics.


In keeping with the mandate to involve audiences in the creative process, The Red and White Store, written and directed by Ms. Keane, was work-shopped and presented one evening for feedback. The enthusiastic comments and suggestions inspired the re-write and ultimate premiere at Deaf West Theatre, April 14, 2007. The Red and White Store was critically acclaimed, and was featured in an article in The LA Weekly, ‘When Johnny Comes Marching Homeless’ by Steven Leigh Morris.


White Buffalo expanded its artistic mission with the creation of Buffalo Bits - creative labs - evenings where scenes from plays being considered for production would be presented for audience participation.  At the first of these events, the lively discussion and preferences were carefully listened to, resulting in the choice of Trout Stanley by Canadian playwright, Claudia Dey.  Trout Stanley had its American premiere April 11,2008 at Deaf West Theatre, and received a Garland Award of honorable mention by Hoyt Hilsman, Back Stage West.  Also in 2008, four new original One Acts, that had been in development and shared a common thread, were presented as CHANCES at El Centro Theatre in Hollywood.  Every member of the company was cast in one role or more in this exciting production of twenty-one characters.


In 2009, Nostalgia and Dreams, written by company member, Brett Holland, premiered at Deaf West Theatre, April 24, and ran for 6 weeks to enthusiastic response.  The company finished off the year with a party, Celebrating 5 Years.  Three new One Acts, a dance number, and some favorite scenes involved the whole company in celebration with its loyal supporters and growing audience. This event was held at The Lost Studio in Los Angeles.


Another "Buffalo Bits" event brought us into conversation with our audience at the beginning of 2010. Scenes from various genres were performed by the company, and then the audience discussed their preferences and the content of the scenes.  


Our spring production, "Looking For Trouble", was presented at The Lost Studio for four weeks and included 4 new One Acts, three that had been workshopped by the company, and one written by company member, Simone Cook. The fifth play was Alan Ball's well known play, "The M Word".  Looking For Trouble received 2 nominations for LA Weekly Annual Theatre Awards: Best Comedy Ensemble and Best One Act Performance.


In the interest of streamlining production, White Buffalo has been restructured in 2011.  Krista Lewis, Marguerite Moreau, and Jessica Wright will don producer hats, along with Kerrie Keane.  Those who have contributed to productions thus far, as well as those who will contribute in the future, will be offered assiciate membership.

General membership and membership fees have been eliminated, and casting will now be open.



The Acting Gymnasium, conducted by Kerrie Keane, is a once a week workout for advanced actors, who tune their instruments and hone their skills through breath and body work, audition technique, improv, and scene study.

The Acting Gymnasium was the original source of talent for White Buffalo, and continues to be the casting pool we first consider, since this is where a common acting and rehearsal vocabulary is developed.


If you are interested in The Acting Gymnasium or wish to submit an original play contact us.