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Looking For Trouble

Written by: Simone Cook, Brian Lennon, Tom Martin and Alan Ball

Directed by: Kerrie Keane

Featuring: Jessica Wright, Danny Junod, Carlo Serna, Brett Holland, Steve Rifkin, Angelina Leaf, Simone Cook, Cicero Salmon and Keith Robinson

Location: The Lost Studio 130 S. La Brea Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90036

Run: April 9-May 2, 2010


“Looking for Trouble” investigates the seemingly universal fear we have of change. Within the five plays in “Looking for Trouble” there are characters seeking change, and there are characters who will have change thrust upon them. Some will win change in their lives, and others will not.This tension between our instinct and curiosity for change and our resistance to it is the energy of these new One Acts.

 Love and War by Simone Cook (White Buffalo member) A couple battles for love, but will their pride keep them from winning?

Ruth by Brian Lennon A tale of sibling rivalry and sacrifice. (Work shopped and developed by White Buffalo)

Resin by Brian Lennon When we dare to share a table with a stranger, we never know what we are asking for. (developed by White Buffalo)

Satiety by Tom Martin and Brian Lennon What havoc will Julian wreak before he summons the courage to ask for what he wants? (Originally written for a man and a woman, Resin was work shopped by White Buffalo and developed for 2 men.)

The M Word by Alan Ball A corporate man and woman negotiate the terms of their upcoming marriage. (Oscar winning writier of American Beauty, Alan Ball is the creator of 6 Feet Under and True Blood)

Reviews and Quotes

  • LA Weekly says Go! by Neal Weaver, LA Weekly  full review

    These five clever one-acts are stylishly directed by Kerrie Keane: "Resin," by Brian Lennon, the most substantial work, is a Strindbergian tale of longtime gay lovers (Carlo Serna and Brett Holland) who are at war because each is determined to impose his own definition on their relationship. In "Satiety," by Lennon and Tom Martin, a garrulous young man (Danny Junod) encounters a loony, possibly homicidal young woman (Jessica Wright) in an airport restaurant...

  • Nominated for LA Weekly Annual Theatre Awards 2010, LA Weekly  full review

    Best Comedy Ensemble

    Best One Act Performance


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Nostalgia and Dreams

Written by: Brett Holland


Directed by: Kerrie Keane


Featuring: Angelina Leaf, Marguerite Moreau, Jacob Saylor, Carlo Serna, Regina Peluso, Teri Reeves, Christopher Haenal, Sydney Park, Lynne Conner, Lisa Valerie Morgan


Location: Deaf West Theatre 5114 Lankershim Blvd North Hollywood CA 91601


Run: April 17-May 24 2009


In a metropolis where a pair of gobbling “suits” is devouring the neighborhoods, a centuries-old cathedral is awaiting its demise, and the inhabitants of an apartment building across the street are hungering...


Reviews and Quotes


Nostalgia and Dreams by Jenny Webb, Back Stage West, April 29, 2009 

"Props to the first-time playwright who takes risks and does things big."

"Holland's stylized theatricality is played out through an endearing Lynne Conner as a Bible-thumping muse on a spiritual journey that involves large orders of Italian take-out, and Danny Junod and Jessica Wright as two carnivorous corporate "suits", gruesome specters who are ready to devour the neighborhood once the church is out of the way." 

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Written by: Regina Peluso, Brian Lennon and Michael Jamin


Director: Kerrie Keane


Featuring: Brett Holland, Danny Junod, Angelina Leaf, Krista Lewis, Marguerite Moreau, Steve Rifkin, Jacob Saylor, Carlo Serna, Ivana Shein, Jessica Wright, Marta McGonagle, Regina Peluso, Joseph Salazar, Alexandra Stocks


Location: El Centro Theatre 804 North El Centro Avenue Hollywood, CA 90038


Run: September 22- September 28, 2008


This evening of original One Acts explores the role "CHANCE" plays in our lives - chances we take that can turn our lives upside down - chance meetings that can turn our heads and hearts around.  We are reminded that chances are, the unexpected will happen despite the plans we make. 


    Turbulance by Regina Peluso (White Buffalo member) Thirteen passengers, a British Flight Attendant, and a dog fly from Los Angeles to London. Without the distraction of electronic devices, passengers are forced to engage in honest, eye to eye communication, and to face their own fear and prejudices. The result is a terribly TURBULENT flight. (Work shopped and developed by White Buffalo)


    Juggernaughts by Brian Lennon  Awaiting an interview, June has just won an International Business Achievement Award and has just been dumped by yet another over-achieving lover. Enter, Roger, the magazine reporter - a man with a vision of happiness and a singular purpose. Unbeknownst to June, Roger fell instantly and irrevocably in love with her after sharing a joint at a party 2 years ago. It's no accident that Roger has chosen this moment to declare himself, but will he be able to convince June to take a chance on a love beyond reason?


    Like a Thief in the Night by Brian Lennon  Two young women, a Bible peddler, and a stand-up comic, strike up a conversation and a flirtation late one night while waiting for their train to Brooklyn.

In a desperate attempt to stave off the feelings that have been aroused in her, Michelle attempts to convert her new acquaintance to Jesus. But undaunted, Danielle pursues Michelle, and rocks the foundation of her world.


    Things We Keep In Bags by Michael Jamin (White Buffalo Board of Advisors)Having once 'loved and lost', Ben has isolated himself in a fortress of obsessive behavior and strict rules of conduct. Haunted by his idea of love, he seems blind to the possibility of real love offered to him in a chance encounters with free-spirited jester, Natalie.  By chance, Ben comes face to face with his old love, Kim. Will he realize that he has been holding on to a past that he no longer wants? (Workshopped and developed by White Buffalo)

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Trout Stanley

Written by: Claudia Dey

Directed by: Kerrie Keane

Featuring: Danny Junod, Jessica Wright, Angelina Leaf, Krista Lewis

Location: Deaf West Theatre 5114 Lankershim Blvd North Hollywood, CA 91601

Run: April 4 - May 11 2008

A lightly metaphysical, darkly comic glimpse into the aberrations of love.  Trout Stanley inveigles his way into the backwoods home of the nortorious Ducharme twins, Sugar and Grace, and violates their strange marriage.  Is he the lost soul he claims to be?  Or is he the embodiment of "the Beast within"?

Reviews and Quotes

  • Garland's Critics List, Back Stage West 3/25/2009 (All day)

    Production: Trout Stanley
    Direction: Kerrie Keane
    Performances In A (Primarily) Straight Play: Danny Junod, Jessica Wright, Krista Lewis
    Reviewer: Critic Hoyt Hilsman

  • Critic's Pick by Hoyt Hilsman, Backstage West 4/16/2008 (All day)

         Canadian playwright Claudia Dey's delightfully imaginative dark comedy about twin sisters living in a small town in northern British Columbia is wonderfully performed by a fine trio of actors under the direction of Kerrie Keane. The Ducharme sisters, Sugar (Jessica Wright) and Grace (Krista Lewis), are living a tranquilly dysfunctional life in a remote backwater town. Grace collects garbage for a living and moonlights as the billboard pinup girl for a local gun shop, while Sugar hasn't been out of the house for 10 years, since the death of their parents, whom the sisters affectionately refer to as the Holies.

         One fateful day, while Grace is off hauling garbage, a mysterious stranger arrives at their house, hungry and dressed in a ragged cop's uniform. This is Trout Stanley (Danny Junod), who is on a pilgrimage of sorts: "going north" to the lake where his parents drowned a few years ago. Trout and Sugar are immediately smitten with one another, which threatens to shatter the fragile emotional balance between the very different twin sisters.

         Dey's play is a banquet of brilliant language, with soaring, stylized metaphors zinging off the stage like lightning strikes. Even more astounding is Dey's skill in marrying the poetic language with the complexity of her characters and story. The result is a hilarious tsunami of terrific dialogue and images that are vivid and often metaphysically evocative.

         The text is challenging, and the White Buffalo Theatre Company actors are more than up to the task. Wright is poignant and comedic in her vivid portrayal of the psychically wounded sister, whose only companion is a set of porcelain figurines. Junod gives a dynamic, nuanced performance as a kind of Don Quixote of the north, searching for truth in the Canadian woods. And Lewis is terrific as the sister who wears the pants in the family -- or in this case the skintight camouflage outfit. Director Keane does an outstanding job, attending to the challenging tone of the script while skillfully guiding the actors to peak performances. Presented by The White Buffalo Company at the Def West Theatre, 5112 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood, Fri-Sat. 8pm, Sun. 3pm Apr11-May11. (818)325-2024

  • A Unique Portrayal of Love by By Pauline Adamek, Sun Community Newspapers 4/25/2008 (All day)

    "Claudia Dey's play is certainly a unique one, calling for some Olympic marathon-length monologues from more than one of the characters, notably Trout's life story blurted out at gunpoint....."

    "Jessica Wright gives a fine performance as this odd and barely formed young woman....."

    "The actress playing the tough but likable Grace (Krista Lewis) was utterly convincing in this butch yet feminine role..."

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The Red and White Store

Written and Directed by: Kerrie Keane


Featuring: Krista Lewis, Angelina Leaf, Vincent Mann, Marguerite Moreau, Steve Rifkin, Jessica Wright, Steve Cesnik, Elizabeth Harris, Cynthia Rose Hall, Lisa Harman


Location: Deaf West Theatre 5114 Lankershim Blvd. North Hollywood, CA 91601


Run: April 14-May 19 2007


When Cold War paranoia infects the owner of the general store in a small rural American enclave, he begins selling hate and fear instead of apples and conversation, digging a fallout shelter for his neighbors instead of building autumn bonfires for their revelry. At first they poke fun at the folly, but when their radios deliver the telemetric 'beep...beep' of Sputnik I, panic spreads through this community engendering deceit and divisiveness, and unraveling the fabric of its once lively spirit and accord. Who among them will be willing to surrender their minds and humanity for the promise of security in the shelter, and who will stay free of this stifling communal fear?

Reviews and Quotes

  • When Johnny Comes Marching Homeless by Steven Leigh Morris , LA Weekly 5/10/2007 (All day)  full review

    "Of the three war plays, writer-director Kerrie Keane’s new production, The Red and White Store, is the only one that tries to wrestle with who we are as Americans, based on who we were...The playwright sows the origins of the kind of fear-mongering, punitive foreign policy we’ve been enduring for the past five years...The character of Ben embodies all the hatred and lethal culture of fear he has escaped. This is good stuff."

  • Bringing Sputnik Era up to Date by Philip Brandes, LA Times 5/11/2007 (All day)

    "Though set in 1957, White Buffalo Theatre Company’s original drama, “The Red and White Store”, clearly has more contemporary implications in mind. Writer-director, Kerrie Keane’s parable about a nameless rural heartland community in the grip of Cold War paranoia contemplates the ways freedom and tolerance are all too readily sacrificed in frantic pursuit of a sense of security that proves tragically illusory.” 

  • Small Town Portrait Shines by Pauline Adamek, Studio City Sun 5/4/2007 (All day)  full review

    "Artistic director, Kerrie Keane, has written and directed a simply wonderful play. Thanks to her confident approach and attention to detail and mood, her vision has been beautifully realized by her uniformly strong and talented cast and her tech crew...Her brilliant writing makes us invested in each of these characters’ stories, while she deftly controls the creeping dread...I found The Red and White Store to be a fantastic night of entertainment. I urge you not to miss Kerrie Keane’s wonderfully moving, sometimes funny and poignant play."


Production Stills

Fool Am I

Written and Directed by: Kerrie Keane


Featuring: Angelina Leaf, Jessica Wright, Krista Lewis, Susan Boorujy, Ralph Buck, Susannah Hall, Elizabeth Harris, Lisa Harman, Everett Mendes III, George Roberson, Laura Wolfe


Location: Deaf West Theatre 5114 Lankershim Blvd North Hollywood, CA 91601


Run: May 20 - June 25 2005


A rhythmic interplay of comedy, drama and music, exploring a brief period in the lives of eight characters, prisoners of their own fears. Each character represents a potential world in the other, and these new worlds are born when they begin to collide.


Reviews and Quotes:


Jacob Clark, Metro LA, May 31 - June 13, 2005

"...a dizzying mix of short scenes somewhat like the best Robert Altman films."

"...acting across the board is topnotch."
"...a ful range of moments from the zany to enraged to sublime."
Terry Morgan, Back Stage West, May 26, 2005
"...there is not a bad performance in the show."

Neal Weaver, LA Weekly, June 3 - 9, 2005
"...intriguing situations and interesting characters.  Keane puts her able cast smartly through their paces..."

Production Stills